Homework number twelve

Sometimes our rabbit ”Mini” poops in our sofa. Fortunately it’s not more than once a week.

When my family and I went to Key West we visitet a restaurant. At the restaurant they had two talking parrots that sat in a tree.

Mål läxa

Här kan du skriva en kommentar om vad just du jobbat med på din individuella mål läxa. Exempelvis räknat divisionsuppställningar med minnessiffra eller läst bok på engelska.

Homework number ten

I have many interests, one of them is listening to music. Sometimes when I listen to music I feel like I’m somewhere else.

It is really sad that the playoff in icehockey has ended because of Covid-19

Homework number nine

I like to play Counter Strike with warcraft 3 mod. It’s fun to have ten different races to choose from.

Hopefully my children will let me sleep without interruption when they get older.